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Straightener Nourishing Styler with Keratin Boost by HH Simonsen


Get your hands on the hottest new hair Tool. Our new HH Simonsen Nourishing Styler is not only gentle on your hair, but also nourishes it while styling it. Our Keratin Boost is designed to effectively rebuild hair’s keratin level and provide intense nourishment and care for your hair – leaving your hair stronger, healthier and smoother than ever.


Straightener Nourishing Styler with Keratin Boost by HH Simonsen
Nourishes and rebuilds the hair while styling (Add HH Simonsen Keratin Fuel)
Temperature range: 150- 230° C
Automatic ’sleep mode’-function
Rapid heating (ready after only 8 seconds)
Triple Protection and Far Infrared technology
3 metres of flexible rubber cord


Imagine that you could have ultra-shiny, fresh and airy hair every day – like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. It almost sounds to good to be true.

Keratin is the building blocks of your hair, and is damaged by sunlight, saltwater, hair products and heated styling tools. Our Keratin Boost is specially developed to rebuild the hair’s keratin level, while also giving intense care, shine and nourishment to your hair. The product is created for our brand-new Nourishing styler, in which it is transformed into steam for more intense haircare – but can also be used as a 2-4-minute rinse-out before conditioning your hair. Keratin Boost is the perfect product for salon-like hair, every day.

Rebuilds the hairs keratin level
Gives deep and intense care and nourishment
Leaves hair shiny and lively

Tip: can be used as a 2-4 minute rinse-out before conditioning

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